Launch On Purpose is a revolutionary business launch program designed to propel business owners towards meaningful growth.  Designed for Virtualpreneurs™, Solopreneurs and new entrepreneurs, Launch On Purpose combines world-class business launch know-how, with powerful marketing techniques to propel business owners to financial freedom.

Using a powerful go-to-market process (the same methodology used to launch Wholly Guacamole), participants learn how to identify an optimal target market, as well as how to package, price and position their offering for maximum success. Business owners also learn how to identify their brand’s unique and authentic value. In addition, they learn how to generate brand awareness and interest as they promote their brands’ authentically, using world-class marketing techniques. More importantly, participants are immersed in a transformational change process designed to eliminate fear and ignite their confidence.

The program includes a 2-day workshop, followed by 8-weeks of intense performance coaching. This process is designed to create massive momentum through business strategy (versus business planning), combined with a transformation formula. In addition, business owners learn how to permanently break through fear barriers and obstacles associated with business start-up.



Day 1: Launch It and Go-to-Market (8:30AM - 4:30PM)
1. Launch Your Power
2. Chart Your Path
3. Define Your Target
4. Create Your Product


Day 2: Market Your Brand – Authentic Promotion (8:30AM - 4:30PM)
1. Market Your Value: Differentiation Creates Value
2. Authentically Promote Your Brand: Positioning Wins
3. Launch a Growth Engine: Create a Fail-proof Marketing System
4. Unleash Your Power: Remove Fear and Ignite Change